Current Positions

VC Labs doesn't have any openings right now. Please check again later.

Why join us?

VC Labs is a Vancouver based software company innovating at the crossroads of Market Research and technology.  At our core we believe that messaging apps, and chat bots are poised to redefine the market research practice, and we are actively building the tools and solutions to help businesses (both small and large) take advantage of this opportunity. 

VC Labs is founded and run by it’s CEO, Andrew Reid.  Andrew is a serial entrepreneur, best known for founding Vision Critical back in 2000. Vision Critical went on to transform the market research industry by developing a software platform that allowed brands to build and manage robust attitude and opinon focused research communities. Vision Critical continues it’s operations today, and is widely recognized as one of Canada’s most successful, and fastest growing technology companies.

Our Values

At VC Labs our values define us - they structure our culture, drive our processes, and feed our vision.  The value statements that follow are foundational principles that the team, and company live by.  

1.) BETTER IS BETTER -  always be improving, always be growing, and always be thriving
2.) WORK HARD, PLAY HARDER - We work our buts off but Play is critical to our culture and our success… make time for it
3.) MEET LESS - the less meetings the better… in fact, on Thursdays (all day) don’t book any meetings.  
4.) NO EGOS - It’s not about what happens to us, it’s about how we respond.  Save the drama for your acting class after work please. 
5.) EVERYONE WELCOME - we’re an inclusion and diversity first work place.